outdoor fireplace its nice to be able to enjoy your time outdoors with friends and family especially by the open fire. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits provide a comforting luxury to your largest investment; your home.  

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Deck Design Renderings

Sometimes its hard to visualize what you are getting when building a custom outdoor living space. We now offer a new way to show our clients what their project will look like before starting the project through high resolution renderings. This prevents costly change orders during the construction process. Its obvious that something like this takes time so of course there is an investment to produce these beautiful designs, however its relatively inexpensive and aids in the plans and permits stage of the project.

  DECK FOOTINGS THAT LAST LONGER By pouring deck footings with rebar reinforced concrete, we are able to bolt the posts onto a Simpson StrongTie galvanized stand off. This holds the post about an inch above the concrete which prevents moisture from wicking up through the end grain of the posts. most of the concrete footing is burried below final grade with just a few inches visible at the surface.  

Making decks last longer.

Distressed Cedar Beams in Screen room

In this screen room project, new Western red cedar beams were brought in ‚Äčas rough sawn. The beams were then beaten with chains, hit with an axe, scuffed with a chainsaw, and torched. Once the beams were washed, they were ready to be installed.